Bass Booster

Supported file formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC. Max file size 50MB.


Free Bass Booster

Boost the bass of any song with this free,
easy-to-use tool. Just upload a song file and adjust the bass level to your liking. Once it sounds right, download it and enjoy anywhere you like. No technical knowledge is required.


Bass Is Awesome

Cranking the bass on your favorite music can be a lot of fun. It adds a new dynamic and lets you experience your songs in a whole new way. Want to learn just how cool bass is? Check out Andrew Siemon's article, where he break down the importance of bass.


But be careful...

Too much of anything is bad, and bass is no exception. Adding too much bass can make your track sound muddy or distorted. Not to mention, the more you add, the louder it gets. So, be careful and protect your ears!

by brentob0x