A Collection of Free Audio Editing Tools


3D Audio Converter

Transform your audio files into 3D and experience audio spatialization.


8D Audio Converter

Convert your audio files into 8D format and become immersed in a unique spatial sound experience.


Audio Reverser

Reverse any audio file. Discover secret messages in your favorite songs or audio clips.


Bass Booster

Crank up the bass! Use our free bass booster to increase the "heaviness" of a song or audio file.


BPM Detector

Discover the BPM of any song.


Karaoke Maker

Unleash your music creativity! Use our free karaoke maker and split any song into an instrumental or karaoke track.


Pitch Changer

Adjust the pitch of any song while keeping its tempo. Useful for karaoke, language, and converting to 432 Hz.


Reverb Adder

Add reverb to your audio and create a more realistic and immersive soundscape for your music.


Tempo Changer

Adjust the tempo of any song while keeping its pitch. Great for practicing new songs, putting a twist on old songs, and more.


Volume Booster

Change the volume of any song or audio file. Increase the gain on quiet songs or decrease it on loud songs.

Stereo Panner

Coming soon...

by brentob0x