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$ 19
  • 5 acapella tracks
  • 5 karaoke tracks
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10 songs
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  • 10 acapella tracks
  • 10 karaoke tracks
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K. A. Yates
K. A. Yatesvia email
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First time I have used your service...I deliberately sent a song I had had no previous luck with. Absolutely awesome results. I have done vocal removals using various programs and services for 20 years and this is the best yet. 99.99 percent of vocals removed...Remaining instrumental has smooth detailed texture and a hard to describe "good feel" to it. No artificial or swirly sound at all. All instruments sound clear and highly detailed. Will make an excellent karaoke song.
Meredith Glidden
Meredith Glidden@meredith_glidden
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Song Peel did a great job, it was perfect for what I needed! Turn around time was amazing, less than 10 minutes after I ordered, I received the 2 audio files.
Jacob Holm
Jacob Holm@jh9918
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I've used many things which do this stuff for many years now (both free and commercial) and I like this one the most 🙂 Great service 🙂 The results are most impressive!
Robert William Goetjen
Robert William Goetjen@robert_william_goetjen
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The company is a startup and has provided a great incentive to try out their services by offering their money back guarantee. But even if what they do hasn't yet been perfected for all tracks that may be thrown at them, it takes backers and supporters like us for them to grow and innovate! Their turn around time is great and their support team is very responsive and friendly. I definitely recommend giving them a chance and continue to follow them as they perfect their technology! Keep me updated as new features and things come!
Christopher Kissel
Christopher Kisselsite owner |
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I was quite impressed with the results from the two fairly difficult mono tracks that I provided to Song Peel!

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