About Us

We are an online service that separates vocal and instrumental tracks from songs

Fruit and Music

We believe that song separation is a lot like peeling the layers of an orange. The orange fruit itself is self-contained in a thick barrier known as the skin, and while the skin makes up the primary characteristics of an orange, one must peel it away first before enjoying it. So, like the orange, a song, which has been mixed down to a singular file, must have its tracks deconstructed and isolated before being enjoyed in a new manner.

Dissimilar to an orange, a song is much more difficult to peel. With an orange, one can simply rip it like an ape and have the fruit. If one tried peeling a song with that sort of simplistic mindset, they would quickly realize that the results are anything but satisfactory. Instead, one must approach song separation with delicate precision, like a surgeon. It’s a process that takes time, a limited commodity, to master. When it’s done right, the separated stem tracks are advantageous, but when it’s not, they are practically useless.

Our goal is to become your song peeler. We serve those who want to do more than just listen. We are here for the DJ or Music Producer who needs acapellas for their next mash-up single. We are here for the Singer who needs instrumentals to practice to. We are here for the Karaoke Enthusiast who just can’t seem to find a karaoke version of their favorite song anywhere!

If you are an active user of music, then we want to invite you to try out our service and join our ever-growing community of music experts.

Song Peel is owned and operated in Orange County, California
Song Peel